You probably didn’t get into the business of healthcare for the paperwork. In fact, it might be the thing that you dread the most. Even if the burden of billing falls into the hands of your capable employees, and not directly under your daily responsibilities, it still falls on your practice. Outsourcing medical billing services can be beneficial to your practice, affecting everything from your bottom line to the happiness of your patients. Here are 5 reasons why you should make the leap and start outsourcing your medical billing services.

Outsourcing aligns practice expenses with revenues

The majority of outsourced billing vendors charge a percentage of dollars collected therefore, your practice does not have an outlay of cash regardless of your collected revenue. By outsourcing, you will no longer have to dig deep in your pockets for competitive salaries, comprehensive training packages, or employee benefits to support an in-house medical billing employee. That also means that you aren’t spending any money on supporting items such as your office infrastructure, or purchasing, upgrading, and maintaining medical billing software. The efficiency of a medical billing company can ensure timely submission of bills which increases the influx of cash. Let’s just say that it’s one more way to make your organization as lean as possible.

Reduces errors

Mistakes are not only inconvenient and time-consuming, but they are costly to your practice and irritating to your patients. With an experienced outsourcing team, you get the knowledge and equipment that allows them to seamlessly fly through your billing work without making any mistakes. While we value temp workers and part-time personnel, if they haven’t acquired the necessary experience yet, mistakes come with the territory until they become experts. With a medical billing outsourcing company, that’s their only job, and it has been their focus for years. An outsourcing firm is thorough, quick, and knowledgeable of common mistakes and how they can affect your practice.

Gives you more time with your patients

No matter what industry you’re in or what career path you’re following, it never seems like there are enough hours in the day! When your head is buried in the finances, that takes your attention away from your patient care and practice experience. When you hand over the billing responsibilities to your outsourced partner, you will experience improved productivity, freeing up your time to focus on your patients’ satisfaction. Let an outsourcing company take those administrative duties off of your hands that don’t fulfill you, so that you can get back in the room with your patients, giving attention to their health and happiness. Your practice is not just about getting them in and out the door; it will remain centered around providing high quality and personalized care, which is why you went into healthcare in the first place.

Outsourcing increases control

While it may sound contradictory to gain control over your finances when you’re literally giving the job to another company, it’s the truth! With a quality and experienced medical billing company, you will never feel like you’re losing control. You will eventually see that you have better control of your practice’s finances due to the efficiency and efficacy of your outsourced partner. Outsourcing is not about giving up control, it’s about allowing an expert to help you so that you gain control back! Healthcare offices face many challenges in the billing and reimbursement departments, and sometimes it can feel overwhelming because it seems out of your hands. Outsourcing is how you get all of that back in line and working better for you and your practice.

Promotes innovation

Billing services go beyond the numbers and simple reimbursements. A qualified outsourcing partner not only takes the administrative duties off of your hands, but they can also help you identify shortcuts, and tell you what your practice is doing well, and what can be improved.
A professional billing service will provide proactive and creative solutions and deliver innovative and practical alternatives that will improve the patient experience and enhance your practice operations overall. It’s about getting someone involved who has seen it all before, has experience with implementing the right changes, and who knows how to make your practice better than it already is, so that you can focus on what you studied to do.

In reality, there are more than just 5 benefits of partnering with an outsourcing company. When it comes to the financial health of your practice, outsourcing medical billing services is a definite way to make your practice the place where patients are happy and the bills are in line.

Prosper RCM Solutions is more than just an anesthesia billing company. Our goal is to help grow a financially successful practice that allows you to focus on the patient experience. Our goals are your goals and with our implemented services, we see that our clients experience increased revenues, compliance assurance, better controls, and improved patient care experience. We are your trusted partner in the anesthesia industry and we see your success as our success.