At Prosper RCM Solutions, our desire is to help you grow a financially successful practice that allows you to focus on things other than billing. Anesthesia billing is at the heart of what we do, but our services can help your practice grow in other ways. Here are 5 ways that our services extend past strictly billing components.

We analyze your current challenges

We understand data management challenges, evolving payer reimbursement policies, and the obstacles that can come with anesthesiology billing and accounts receivable management. Prosper RCM Solutions provides proactive and creative solutions, delivers innovative and practical alternatives, and offers reliable and trustworthy services, to address those challenges. We go deeper than the surface and we really dig into performance metrics and analyze what can be improved. We won’t break what’s working for your team, but we will help you get less successful areas of your billing back on track and headed in the right direction.

We find how technology fits

Technology is a part of just about everything now, and that includes your healthcare practice and its billing. At Prosper RCM Solutions, our services implement technology at every step of the way from tasks that your patients never see to things like a patient portal which improves their entire experience with your practice. We stay on top of technological advancements and we’re the first to know if there’s a way to improve your billing through technology. Every practice is different, and it’s our job to ensure that you are using technology in the right way to support the health of your company. It’s our job to ensure that your practice has all the right pieces to fit your unique puzzle.

We give you and your patients confidence

Mistakes in the billing department happen all too often, and they not only affect your practice, but they oftentimes trickle down to the patients. Did you know that 41% of patients do not have confidence that the billed amount is correct? These insecurities regarding billing errors come from previous experiences when a patient has had to initiate a conversation due to a billing error. That’s one of the things we do at Prosper RCM; we help to minimize mistakes and get to the bottom of common errors so that you and your patients can regain confidence in the process. We’ll get to the bottom of your errors, whether it’s simply an overworked team or a flaw in the fabric of your processes.

We work to cut costs

With more than 60 years of combined experience in the anesthesia industry, we know how to cut costs and save you money. We work with a variety of sizes of practices from coast to coast, and we know what looks normal and where you can go. You probably already know that focusing on patient retention is less costly than patient acquisition, and yes it all starts with streamlining your billing services. Even the most efficient practices often have areas where the numbers can be improved, and outsourcing helps to give you that outside perspective regarding what you have been doing for years and what isn’t working for you anymore. We will work with you to see how we can get the numbers working better for you.

We help you focus on the patients

The patient experience means everything to your practice, but with billing challenges and time-consuming processes in the way, your focus is often on many other things besides the people that come through your doors. When you outsource your medical billing, you can really make your patients the focal points of your efforts and time. Free up your in-house staff to complete tasks that help to improve the patient experience, instead of being consumed with billing all day. Let’s give some resources back to the patient experience, because after all, they are the center of what you do.

While anesthesia billing is what we do, what we offer our partners goes much further than that. At Prosper RCM Solutions, we bring expertise, creativity, and savvy to the table so that we can get your practice in the best spot. We focus on your financial and patient goals and your success is truly our success.

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