Whether you service a long line of customers, a select group of clients, or patients of all ages, it’s your company’s experience that will get new people through the door and keep the ones you already have from going to your competition. There are a lot of studies that show the importance of the brand experience and it’s expected to continue to be the number 1 differentiating factor when it comes to marketing your company. It’s no secret that people are looking, not only for a company with quality goods and services, but a brand that provides a quality experience. Studies show that individuals are willing to pay more for a product or service that comes with a better experience and will quickly leave if they aren’t getting what they want. Here are 6 ways to create an experience that keeps your customers, clients, and patients happy, no matter what industry your brand calls home.

Develop a clear vision of your experience

A great client experience isn’t created overnight. In fact, the brands that nail the experience part of their companies consistently work to create the best experience possible. While some parts of your experience will organically develop, you must have a vision in place to lead your directed efforts. What do you want your customer experience to look like? Consider your own experiences with the industry and identify pain points that you’ve seen first-hand. Creating an experience that customers will connect with will not happen without a strategy. What adjectives would best describe the experience, what kind of touch points will you have with your clients, what are the steps needed to implement everything that’s required?

Understand what your customers want

Understanding the target audience of your practice or business will mean everything to your customer experience. While you probably got to know your customers really well during your company’s brand building discovery process, it’s important that you know everything you possibly can about their desires, problems, challenges, and needs. Take an empathetic approach to your client base and think about what’s important to them. Is it convenience or technology? How can your practice draw in patients that are craving convenience and keep them there because your experience is based on convenience? Making assumptions about your potential and loyal customers will damage your experience so ensure that you’re taking the proper steps to get to know what they want.

Create a strong connection with your customers

Your customers are less likely to leave your company if they feel connected to you, your people, or your company’s mission. When your relationships with your clients or patients are only surface level and don’t go beyond “Hello” and “Have a good day,” there won’t be an opportunity to form a strong connection with your customers. Strong connections can develop into lasting relationships, which is extremely important to your brand’s experience. Depending on the size of your practice or organization, the way that you build those connections will vary. Think about your experience as a whole and consider how you are making room for connecting with your loyal customers. Also, how are you planning to build relationships with new patients? People thrive on connection and when you build that into your experience model, you will find success with recruitment and retention.

Ask for feedback and utilize it for change

It doesn’t matter if you think your customer experience is perfect or if you’re seeing clients walk out the door and not come back; feedback is essential for all industries, no matter how well you think things are going. Ask your customers how your brand is doing, whether that’s through social media or an emailed survey. While a single disgruntled customer shouldn’t shift your entire company’s approach, it will be important to notice patterns among how your customers are feeling. While it’s important to address the one-off unhappy customers, it’s even more important to recognize repeat complaints or wishes; that is when you should consider altering your plan or approach to meet your customers’ demands. Also, ask your team for feedback as they are the ones talking and seeing your clients on a regular basis. What have they noticed about your brand’s experience?

Have the right people in the right place

There’s nothing worse than waiting in line because there aren’t enough people staffed to help the demand of customers. Ensure that you have enough people to handle the demands of your patients so that they continue to have a good experience when they come for an appointment. Not only is it important to have enough people to serve your customers, it’s essential to have the right people in the right places. It’s not necessarily about firing people right away who aren’t excelling in their roles; it’s more about finding the right fit for your employees and helping them utilize their talents to provide an exceptional customer experience to your visitors. Who is great with ensuring that there are no errors on paperwork and who is better at greeting and making conversation with your clients? It will be important to know your employees so that you can play to their strengths.

Go beyond the moment and think about the customer journey

While it’s essential to think about the moment that your patient is standing at the check-in window and consider how to make that the best experience possible, that’s not the only part of the experience that’s important. Ensure that you take a broad perspective when you are working on your customer experience. It’s the customer’s journey that will shape your experience. Put yourself in the shoes of your clients or patients and think about every step they take and who they come in contact with through the process. Consider your website, customer service, billing process, and face-to-face or virtual interactions when you’re redefining your experience. How can you streamline the experiential journey and make it better than what your competitors are doing?

Your brand’s experience will only continue to become more and more important. The statistics show that individuals are increasingly putting importance on the experience they have with their brands, which means that you should be doing the same.

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