Customers are over the days of waiting on hold and receiving less than adequate treatment. Whether they’re online making a purchase or at a healthcare facility waiting for an appointment, experience is everything in business, and that includes the healthcare sector. Here are some statistics that show how influential a good (or bad) patient experience can be on your growing practice.

Patients are highly unsatisfied

According to research detailed by Prophet in “The Current State of the Patient Experience,” 81% of patients are unsatisfied with their healthcare experience. What’s worse is that the less interaction with the system that they have, the happier they feel.

Practices are doing worse than they think

While many healthcare providers are prioritizing the patient experience, it might be falling flat in the eyes of their patients. Prophet stated in their findings that 63% of healthcare organizations believe they are delivering a high quality customer service experience, but only 43% of patients agree.

Experience isn’t a priority for healthcare organizations

A KaufmanHall report showed that only 8% of healthcare centers consider patient expectations and experience a high priority. This includes having success with implementing consumer-based strategies that work to promote a quality experience.

Better healthcare experiences lead to higher revenues

Healthcare organizations that deliver better customer experiences obtain revenues 4-8% above their market. This is due to experience being inextricably tied to repeat consumption. An Accenture study stated that 51% would easily leave and go somewhere else to get better service.

Patients will leave you for a competitor

That’s right. 44% of consumers stated that they would leave a company for a competitor after a poor experience. Accenture found that 61% surveyed would switch health care providers for the ability to get an appointment quickly, and 52% would make a change to get an appointment at a convenient location.

One bad experience can damage your practice’s reputation

Reputation is everything in business, no matter the industry, and information travels easier and quicker than ever before. 95% of customers talk about bad experiences they have with a business, sharing with at least 15 people on average.

There is no doubt that your patients’ experiences are important. What are you doing to ensure that your practice is offering an unmatched experience to every loyal customer and new follower?

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